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Here at Slimming Body Shapers, we want all women to embrace their curved shapes – not hide them! Body shapers are specifically designed to combine comfort with a slimmer, sexier, firmer look and feel while still giving you that sexy, shapely appearance. Body Shapers can be worn every day, on special occasions, or for underneath that extra special outfit.

With the products at Slimming Body Shapers, you will:

Get a slimmer, sexier, firmer feel whilst loving your curves Add support to your back while simultaneously slenderizing your body Back fat will virtually disappear! Have a sleek, natural look underneath your clothing Lift and smooth the look of your bottom

Why wear normal underwear when you can get lingerie that makes you look and feel fabulous?

You have the option between “Lighter Control,” for less constricting garments or “Firm Control” when extra control is desired. Our shapers come in many brands, such as Bali, Elomi, Elila, Goddess, Olga, Freya, and Tatiana, giving you more options to find the right product for your body.

Slimming Body Shapers are very comparable with standard lingerie in terms of cost. Although our shapers are priced extremely low, the true value comes with the satisfaction at looking in the mirror and seeing a slender firmer body looking back at you.

A body shaper is an under garment that shapes your body and provides you with that hour glass figure- no time consuming exercise or restricting dieting required! They are great for that quick lift, nip and tuck that can transform your body in the few seconds it takes to put it on. Shaperwear improves your appearance dramatically, as well as your self-confidence.

You will be wearing European designs that follow the finest tradition of excellent fit, ultra comfort, and superb quality. Our 100% nylon wires deliver more comfort as well as make our garments completely washable. Desired support comes from using a wire that has been specially designed to be thinner, lighter, and that gives just the right amount of flexibility. Also, to ensure the superiority of the Euro-lite system, panties also have softer elastic and are more comfortable to wear. This enables shapers to wrap your figure into the shape you desire. Instant gratification!