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Step 1

Ask yourself what you need the body shaper for, what items of clothing you intend to wear it under and what you want it to do for your body (i.e. lift, enhance, and/or slenderise). If you want a slimming tummy body shaper and reduce your waist size, you need a shaper that is described as being ‘firm control’ or ‘firm compression’. These will be made from thicker materials that have very little give, and will completely contour your body. If you simply want to smooth out those lumps and bumps and look more streamlined and smooth, then you need a light control garment as these are made from light materials and are less constrictive.

Step 2

Now take your measurements (if you don’t already know them). For plus size women, not all body shapers come in the simple sizes of L, XL, XXL etc. Some of them may be based on your back, waist or chest measurements. Refer to “Are You Wearing the Right Size?” that can be found on the homepage.

Step 3

One of the pros about buying plus size shapewear online is that the full range of sizes is always available at Slimming Body Shapers, which is not necessarily the case in stores. If you are truly plus size, many of the standard larger sizes available in stores will not fit you. The upside of this is that there are many plus size shapewear and a ton of excellent body shapers to choose from. Slimming Body Shapers is here so that you can buy shaperwear conveniently, privately, and simply. What more could you ask for?