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Dec 19, 2016

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Summer getaways, whether it’s summer where you live or you’re going on holiday to a place where summer never left, can be the ultimate holiday. From gorgeous one-piece swimsuits, to sunbaking on a white beach and sipping pina coladas, I’m sure you can image what a great vacation they can be.

But sometimes or ever more often than not, women who consider themselves plus size choose not to indulge in the fantasy of a summer getaway. It isn’t always easy to find summer clothes and swimwear that compliments a fuller-figure and shape. Also with a number of activities offered with summer type getaways and vacations, one can feel limited and shy of their bodies.

According to Plus Lifestyle Magazine there are a number of international destinations that are plus size friendly from the white beaches of the Philippines and Hawaii, but we believe you don’t have to go to a special “plus size” resort. It’s about feeling confident and having the right fashion to support this confident – dressing your curves as we say.

In this week’s SlimmingBodyShapers blog we want to tell women that you can have the getaway vacation you’ve been dreaming of! Leave your insecurities at home with some of our fashion tips below for the plus size women of today. We want to help you show off the best of curves and still feel supported and comfortable with SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras.

One-piece swimsuits with a silhouette

Think betty page and marilyn monroe, they flaunted their curves and knew how to wear them. 1950s and 1960s style swimsuits and swim dresses can be slimming in all the right places and flatter all kind of plus size body shapes with that extra touch of feminity. There’s nothing to stop you from having an invigorating swim or paddle around the pool if you wear a swimsuit that feels comfortable and supported.

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By no means do we mean to cover up your body entirely, but as you may know many resorts around the world if you’re not wearing appropriate clothing at certain times inside you may not be allowed to get service. Cover-ups are the perfect solution to this. Over your swimsuits, a perfect cover-up should resemble a dress but be easy enough to slip on and off whenever you want to, and still show just enough of your curves but hide any parts you don’t feel comfortable showing in public.

Plus Size Lingerie

You might not expect lingerie as a fashion “tip” for your next summer getaway but we can’t stress enough how undergarments are easily the most important element in one’s wardrobe. Plus size lingerie has many benefits, from increased self-esteem, physical comfort (it actually fits and support your body!) and makes you feel more desirable and a smoother contour under the dresses you want to wear but were afraid too without the help of shapers. At SlimmingBodyShapers, we aim to help plus size beauties all over the world feel their most comfortable, supported and beautiful no matter where they are or what they are doing with undergarments that fit! Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions regarding sizing and fit.

So what are you waiting for? Plus size getaways don’t have to be as elusive as you think, summer should be enjoyed by everyone, you are beautiful and shouldn’t believe otherwise.

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