A couple of Hollywood’s funniest and most loved female comedians

Nov 21, 2016

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At SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras, we  love to write about anything that celebrates curves and sassy, confident plus size women who aren’t afraid to be their awesome selves! In this week we just had to talk about a couple of Hollywood’s funniest and most loved female comedians; namely the talented Aussie and latest miss thang to hit the scene – Rebel Wilson; the hilariously versatile actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy. These larger than life starlets are beautiful role models who live life with confidence and humour.

World-wide loved for her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson has been turning heads with her goofy awkwardness, perfect timing and fearlessness when it comes to being herself on and off the screen. She’s not all fun and games though – this Aussie has got the brains too. An academic throughout school with a gift for numbers, she’s a former rotary international youth ambassador for Australia and was even based in South Africa for one year, where she contracted malaria. She shares that during that experience she had hallucinations where she saw herself as an actress who had won an Oscar, convincing her to pursue an acting career.

russiavia wikimedia commonsImage of Rebel Wilson courtesy of user russiavia/Wikimedia Commons

She’s been the host of the MTV Movie Awards, receiving a couple of awards herself – the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Musical Moment, and now she’s even landed her own sitcom called Super Fun Night. Something tells us her career can only get bigger, and we’re so excited to watch her growth. She helps audiences recognize her characters as being human beings and not a number on a scale. What a Rebel!

Our other big & beautiful woman we want to tell you about today, is Melissa McCarthy! She’s taken Hollywood by storm, with numerous movies and TV shows tied to her name – Mike & Molly, Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, Gilmore Girls, This is 40, the list goes on and on…Her amazing take for non-traditional female lead roles has proved she can play any role and do it more than justice, making them her own. She’s got an extensive drama and comedy background, also known to be an alumna of the famous improv and sketch comedy troupe called The Groundlings. A woman of many talents, adding producer and writer to her skillset, Melissa McCarthy shows that being plus size is just a number on a scale, it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from being absolutely awesome!

Thomas Whiteside - ElleImage of Melissa McCarthy attributed to Thomas Whiteside/Elle Magazine

At SlimmingBodyShapers we want women to remember that they should embrace their bodies and curves – you are beautiful! With shapewear and undergarments that fit you can walk through life and get through any event feeling comfortable, supported and beautiful. We’ve got you covered!

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