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Looking for women’s plus size shapewear and bras? Shopping for plus size clothing can be so frustrating as sizing varies from brand to brand. But we’ve got your covered at SlimmingBodyShapers because we provide undergarments custom made to fit. Designed to provide support, comfort and most importantly encourage confidence to wear what you want. No more rummaging through department stores that stock only to a certain size, find shapewear and lingerie that fits you in all the right places and have you shouting ‘Yes! Just my size!’. Too many times woman have sacrificed cup size in bras because their size wasn’t available, leaving parts of your body bulging out of a bra that might be two cup sizes too small. The most important factor in selecting shapewear is that it has to fit. In this week’s blog post, we talk about wearing shapewear.


Can I have my cake…and eat it too? There are occasions that may call for a bit more tighter fitting clothes – from more formal gowns to sexier or more demure cocktail dresses that leave most full-figured ladies feel they have to go on a speed diet before fitting into. Shapewear such as slips, backless body shapers, girdles and thigh slimmers, can all help you get into your special attire without the stress, feeling confident and comfortable all day or night long.

Shapewear isn’t just for tight dresses, you can wear it under loose fitting items too, such as maxi dresses, baggy pants and flare skirts. Shapewear can help you cover up panty lines and colorful underwear; stop your thighs from getting irritated from friction when walking; and support or control parts of your body you don’t want hanging out or jiggling around. Embrace your curves – literally with shapewear.

Check out these gorgeous plus size bloggers for fashion inspiration: Kellie Brown @ The Fatshion Insider, Jay Miranda @ Fatshionable and Chastity @ GarnerStyle. These three women have chronicled their lives and the plus size lifestyle – living life big and beautiful. They too wear shapewear and talk about it on their respective blog sites.

Shapewear pieces are safe to wear daily when needed. Many plus size women also wear one underneath their work attires for support and coverage, or for a more smooth appearance. However, take note that wearing shapewear shouldn’t be worn while sleeping. It can cause discomfort and painful areas on your chest area and other parts of the body when used during rest time.

At SlimmingBodyShapers, we’re happy to help you find garments that will become part of your must-have wardrobe essentials. Not sure which shapewear suits your body and needs? Contact us, we can provide you with the highest level of service, discretion and satisfaction, please feel free to ask us any question regarding sizing and fit.

SlimmingBodyShapers is your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras. For women who have been longing for more from their underwear, we provide garments that not only flatter curvaceous figures, but provide support, control and long-lasting comfort throughout wear. In this week’s blog post we’re going to talk about getting back into fashion no matter what size you are.

With mass media and society in general; talking about ‘how to dress for your shape’ or how certain clothing should be avoided to flatter ones figure, it’s no surprise that many plus size women today feel the need to cover up their bodies. We are constantly bombarded with imagery that isn’t always genuine. Because of this, curvy ladies can sometimes find it hard to get dressed up for an outing when they don’t quite like what they see in the mirror. But it’s time to get re-acquainted with your bodies ladies. We want to help you feel great and say ‘yes! this is just my size’ to fashion!

Head on over and have a look at these gorgeous full figured bloggers’ pages: Gabi Fresh, Tess Muster @ The Plus Size Life, and Teer Wayde @ Curves to kill. These ladies are so inspiring and demonstrate that no matter what size you are you too can be and feel beautiful! Their blogs are changing the way society views curvy women, and you’re just in time to join the movement.

Have you ever wanted to try a fashion trend but changed your mind when you thought your size wasn’t made for it? If you look through those three vivacious blogs we mentioned earlier you’ll see they’ve covered all kinds of trends including horizontal stripes and body con dresses – and not to mention pulled them off with flair and finesse! The secret is not only their beautiful inner confidence but they too wear shapewear from time to time.

Shapewear is here to help build up your confidence and thanks to new innovations in fashion doesn’t leave you feeling like someone duck taped your body and completely restricted. Wearing shapewear that isn’t your size and too tight can lead to health problems as they compress organs and nerves. This new era of plus size shapewear has endless of stylish options created just for plus size women, making you more aware of your best assets and feature undergarments created to smooth down areas and bulges underneath clothing. They also make it much easier for clothes to slide on and give the appearance of a more svelte silhouette.

At SlimmingBodyShapers, we’re happy to help you find garments that will become part of your must-have wardrobe essentials. Not sure which shapewear suits your body and needs? Contact us, we can provide you with the highest level of service, discretion and satisfaction, please feel free to ask us any question regarding sizing and fit. It’s time to embrace your curves and feel confident wearing dresses and the fashion trends of your choice regardless of your size.

Have you tried shapewear before? Has it helped shape the woman you are today? Share you stories and experiences in our comment box below. 

A body shaper is an under garment that shapes your body and provides you with that hour glass figure- no time consuming exercise or restricting dieting required! They are great for that quick lift, nip and tuck that can transform your body in the few seconds it takes to put it on. Shaperwear improves your appearance dramatically, as well as your self-confidence.

You will be wearing European designs that follow the finest tradition of excellent fit, ultra comfort, and superb quality. Our 100% nylon wires deliver more comfort as well as make our garments completely washable. Desired support comes from using a wire that has been specially designed to be thinner, lighter, and that gives just the right amount of flexibility. Also, to ensure the superiority of the Euro-lite system, panties also have softer elastic and are more comfortable to wear. This enables shapers to wrap your figure into the shape you desire. Instant gratification!