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Plus Size Models

May 9, 2016


It’s an exciting time to be a part of the fashion phenomenon that is the plus-size industry. At SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop shop online for all women’s plus size shapewear and bras, we are always watching and learning from the women that make this industry what it is today, and who are these amazing women? Plus size models!

Having a career in modelling in any “category” is a feat, with beautiful people up-and-coming or so-called “the next big thing” more often not end up sizzling out with 15 minutes of fame. It takes more than just a pretty face  to make it, it takes tenacity, patience, endurance, a thick skin, and a business mind-set.

In this week’s SlimmingBodyShapers blog, we’re going talk about a couple of awesome Plus Size Models, shaking up the game and helping re-create an industry that has been known to encourage unhealthy stereotypes.

There are two main types of models these days. “Straight-size” for those who fit sizes 0,2 and 4, and anyone above a 6 is a “plus size” or your “non-straight size model”. So basically, the average woman today is plus size. We’ve seen “plus size” women grace the covers of magazines, but what about women above size 16 or 18? Women of all bra sizes?  Are fashion labels really keeping it real as they’ve started to claim they do?

First, meet Tess Munster, we’ve mentioned her before in any earlier blog but we couldn’t help but talk about her again.

Tess Munster/Wikimedia Commons

This beauty is the mastermind behind the increasingly famous blog ‘The Plus Size Life’ and poses in all kinds of fashion trends and shows you should be proud of who you are, whatever shape or size. She has modeled for Glam rock magazine, inked girls, plus model magazine, and many other publications on and offline. Tess is a leading advocate for body size acceptance and encourages women to flaunt their curves rather than strive for a single body shape. She believes that the things that make you stand out, make you different, is what truly makes you beautiful. At a size 20 herself, she demonstrates that positivity and self-confidence looks beautiful on anyone.

Velvet d’Amour, her name already sounds like someone interesting and she’s the next plus size model we want you to meet.

Velvet d’Amour/Wikimedia Commons

She first came under worldwide spotlight in 2006 when she appeared as a plus size model in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2007 Spring/Summer collection show in Paris. At the time she weighed approximately 300 pounds. Since then she’s been known to be very opinionated on the plus size model debate and a candid advocate for the transformation of the fashion industry. She currently runs her own magazine called, Vol-up-2 that allows readers to “revel in their every ‘imperfection’ and celebrate their bodies in their glorious entirety”.

What do you think about these two ‘plus size; models? Are you ready to join the #realsize movement? It’s time to embrace your curves and feel confident wearing dresses and the fashion trends of your choice regardless of your size. Contact us at SlimmingBodyShapers we’re happy to help you feel more confident from the undergarments up.

Here at Slimming Body Shapers, we want all women to embrace their curved shapes – not hide them! Body shapers are specifically designed to combine comfort with a slimmer, sexier, firmer look and feel while still giving you that sexy, shapely appearance. Body Shapers can be worn every day, on special occasions, or for underneath that extra special outfit.

With the products at Slimming Body Shapers, you will:

Get a slimmer, sexier, firmer feel whilst loving your curves Add support to your back while simultaneously slenderizing your body Back fat will virtually disappear! Have a sleek, natural look underneath your clothing Lift and smooth the look of your bottom

Why wear normal underwear when you can get lingerie that makes you look and feel fabulous?

You have the option between “Lighter Control,” for less constricting garments or “Firm Control” when extra control is desired. Our shapers come in many brands, such as Bali, Elomi, Elila, Goddess, Olga, Freya, and Tatiana, giving you more options to find the right product for your body.

Slimming Body Shapers are very comparable with standard lingerie in terms of cost. Although our shapers are priced extremely low, the true value comes with the satisfaction at looking in the mirror and seeing a slender firmer body looking back at you.

Despite the growing movement for plus size women empowerment in fashion, many women still find it difficult to shop at shopping malls and local boutiques as most still don’t carry much variety when it comes to plus sizes. What’s even harder is finding undergarments that fit. SlimmingBodyShapers is your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras.

Bringing back the love into shopping and your body – shopping online has a range of benefits for full figured women. There are many reasons to shop online that are specific to any shopper and in this week’s SlimmingBodyShapers, we’ve picked the top 4 reasons to shop online for plus size shapewear and bras.


Lots of boutiques and shops off the street don’t carry what are considered non-standard sizes, which could be anything from D cup to J cup size bras. Online stores can stock a much wider range of all bra sizes and brands. All you have to do is browse through the online catalogs and view items you like. All the important details are provided such as measurements and sizes; delivery and payment options are listed – helping you make your decision. At SlimmingBodyShapers, we cater to women of all sizes and specialise in sizes 14+. Our garments are custom fit, trendy and most importantly – comfortable!


Online shopping offers the greatest selection and variety available today. There are endless choices of the latest trends and styles and what’s more it’s global shopping! You have the whole world at your finger tips with delivery right to your door.

3. It’s EASY

Walking around the big stores for hours just to find a couple of things is tiresome. Your feet ache and sometimes at the end you end up not getting anything you wanted to get in the first place! Sound familiar? If you told anyone 20 years ago or not even that, that you could buy anything without leaving home they would’ve thought you were crazy. And maybe you are – crazy with happiness that is –  because from the very comfort of your home, you can find and buy anything with just the click of the mouse.

4. It’s  all about YOU

To shop online isn’t just about buying what you want, it can be fun too. Online shops today are interactive; you can find out what’s trendy, what others are saying about it, check price ranges etc. You also have ample of time to think about your purchase, look over the items you want to buy over and over until you make you final decision. It’s all about you. One of the best things about shopping online is that you can shop whenever you what, wherever you want, and anytime you want! Forget the lines, they’re a thing of the past. Online stores are open 365 days a year,7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Another great benefit of shopping, for plus size shapewear and bras online, is that you shop from the privacy of your own home. You can, and should, feel confident, beautiful and happy with the purchases without feeling judged or shy at stores that don’t cater for your size.

Not sure which shapewear suits your woman body silhouette and needs? Contact us, we can provide you with the highest level of service, discretion and satisfaction, please feel free to ask us any question regarding sizing and fit.