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At SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras, we want to help you rock any fashion trend at size 16, 18 and beyond. Shapewear doesn’t have to be something only grandmas wear. We want you to feel sexy and comfortable in our gorgeous shapewear lines. With everything from tummy and hip control, bust support, hip and thigh smoothing, to full-body woman body silhouette shaping, we offer an array of cuts and styles. We want real women to celebrate fashion and themselves no matter what size or shape.

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One of the worst feelings is wearing uncomfortable underwear. Bras that cut you’re your sides leaving marks; tight panties; and ill fitting shapewear that leaves you feeling as if, if you took a breath you’d combust – literally.

After much research and experience, SlimmingBodyShapers source underwear that’s not only fashionable and cute – but most importantly comfortable!

Let’s face it, wearing underwear is an essential whether you see yourself as a fashionista or not, and while the saying goes when you look good you feel good, you have still take into account the little details in fitting to make you feel really good.

At SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras, we aim to help you get just that – underwear that answers all your wants and needs.

In this week’s blog post we share a couple of tips for getting plus size shapewear and bras that fit. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments box below.

Few women know their correct bra size. Sounds amazing for something women wear everyday right? But it’s true. While it’s easier to get a smaller cup size than a larger one due to availability alone, it’s also due to a lack of education and openness about bra fitting.

With labels such as full-figure, full-busted , full-fitted and plus-size, it can get a little confusing to pick which one suits you best and what the difference is. It also comes down to varying cup sizes. A DD cup isn’t always the same size in one company as it is in another. Which is why at SlimmingBodyShapers we take sizes using your unique measurements to fit all bra sizes. Click here for information and a guide to fitting SlimmingBodyShaper products.

When it comes to underwear and shapewear, have a family member or friend measure you or even better yet, get a professional tailor to measure for an annual or even once every 2 years fitting to guarantee a good fit right from the start.

Not only will a professional help you get exact measurements (which is rather challenging and not easy to do on your own) but they will also check that with these measurements you’re comfortable. They make sure you that the measurement for example of your shoulder straps are tightened just enough so that they don’t keep falling down, or that the strap is doing most of the work and not making your back and/or shoulders get tired.

When ordering shapewear or plus size body shapers, other than size, you also need to know what you’re looking for. What are you going to use it for? Under what kind of clothes? You want to shape your body so what are you buying it for? To wear that new bodycon form fitting dress? Or are you looking to purchase for everyday wear? It depends on the level of control and coverage you are looking for – ranging from light to extra firm. Here’s a tip: You’ll know you’ve got the right size shapewear because your waist stays in place. Whether you’re sitting down, bending over, or raising your arms – your waist of your shapewear should stay in place.

At SlimmingBodyShapers we can provide you with many other little tips to check that you’ve got the correct size underwear. Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions regarding sizing and fit.


At SlimmingBodyShapers, your one stop online shop for women’s plus size shapewear and bras, our mission is to help curvy and plus size women of all ethnicity feel her most confident, comfortable and beautiful inside and out.

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