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Times are changing and as we’ve talked about previously with the rise of plus size blogs, fashionistas and the like, curvy women are taking the fashion world and society by storm, and you’re just in time to join the movement! Beauty these days has nothing to with body shape or size – and everything to do with confidence! This week in our SlimmingBodyShapers blog, we’re not going to talk about whether you’re plus size or not, instead we’re going to find out if you have a plus size confidence and if you don’t, how to get it!

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What’s Plus Size Confidence? Check out the fabulous Gabi Fresh Blog who went viral for her ‘fatkini’ shoot:  “To hell with media’s standards of beauty that won’t define me and hold me back from looking cute!”


1. Kindness and Self-belief

Beauty comes from within and this doesn’t mean that full figured women can’t be beautiful on the outside, because we are all beautiful, but it’s a sad fact that many plus size women don’t feel beautiful on the outside and lack self confidence. How you think you look impacts how you feel, and how you feel impacts everyday life. Think of someone who you believe is truly beautiful, when you think deeply about it, you might be surprised to notice it’s more on their attitude. A positive person, someone who radiates kindness and inner peace. You will probably be envisioning this person smiling too. No matter what size you are, you are beautiful, you just need to see it for yourself! But how do you ask? By being kind to yourself! Too many times we’ve seen gorgeous women be too hard on themselves and letting negativity seep into your mindset isn’t the way to go. Be happy with the woman you are on the inside. This shows on the outside and transforms the way you walk, talk, and dress. If you have confidence you can pull off any fashion trend and make it look like it was made just for you. “When you believe in yourself, it shows in every aspect of your life” (as quoted by Crystal Stowe, JMS/Just My Size marketing, a leader in the plus size fashion industry)

2. Undergarments that fit

Having the knowledge of how to accentuate your sexy curves and shape your body can make all the difference. Wearing plus size shapewear and bras – and the correct size at that, can help support your assets so that they remain assets and not seen as flaws. Have larger breasts? So many women have to sacrifice cup size because they weren’t able to find a bra that fits them properly. In traditional shopping malls it seems a lot easier to find a 40DDD than a 38H, but at SlimmingBodyShapers, online shopping makes it easier to find your exact size as we offer custom made garments, all the while with discretion and personalised customer service.

3. Allow yourself to feel and BE Sexy!

Sexy isn’t a number. If you want to wear something that makes you feel confident then wear those heels you’ve been dreaming of putting on at the back of your closet, try on those dresses with that extra bit of sizzle, it doesn’t have to be a certain size for you to put it on, that’s why there are sizes! If you’re still feeling a bit shy, start from underneath. At SlimmingBodyShapers we provide custom fit, gorgeous lingerie! From shapewear to all bra sizes, if wearing comfortable but sexy undergarments make you feel secretly powerful, do it! Not sure what size bras to look for or which shapewear suits your body and needs? Contact us, we can provide you with the highest level of service, discretion and satisfaction, please feel free to ask us any question regarding sizing and fit.

Do you have plus size confidence? Remember size is not the only thing that defines you. It’s time to have plus size confidence and embrace fashion once again!

Plus Size Underwear

Feb 7, 2016


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