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All you vibrant damsels (ladies) out there Part 3 is here for you to complete your Body Line. Some damsels have rounded body silhouettes with curved hips, a well-defined waist and a full bust. Their facial shape may be oval, round, heart-shaped or pear-shaped. They may have round cheeks, full lips and round or almond-shaped eyes. In any case, a curved line is the predominant body type and it can be round or oval. If your body is neither very straight nor very curved, it may be a combination of both. A tall damsel with curves to her body will often not have a rounded appearance; her height will give the impression that she is straight of line and will make the curves appear less rounded. She will appear to have a softened straight line. Some damsels who are not tall are neither very curvy nor particularly straight; they too have a soft straight line.

The contrast of a straight facial shape and slightly curved body or the reverse of a curved face and rectangular body will also create a soft-straight line. The combination produces an overall softened straight line. If you are having difficulty in determining your body line, you probably have soft straight lines.


Question:  When I borrow my room-mates blazer, I look older and feel stuffed into it, even though we wear the same size. Why?

Answer:   Blazers usually have straight lines, sharp lapels and square details. You probably need curved lines in your clothing. Look for shawl collars, slightly fitted waists and curved details on your jackets. You can still achieve a classic look that will complement your body by wearing lines that are right for you.

Now let’s look at other well-known damsels who fit into definite body line categories this is good advice. More the personal type and sucks you in.

Jane Fonda is predominantly  Straight Soft

              Joan Collins Curves are defiantly Soft              Dolly Parton is Curved



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Let us look first at those body shapes with predominantly straight lines. Some women are tall and thin with small flat hips, broad shoulders, small bust and very few curves, others are not especially tall or thin, but have flat hips, square shoulders and square bodies. Weight is not a factor here; we are looking at the silhouette line, regardless of height or weight.)Some straight lines may appear very sharp, almost extreme, while others are straight but not sharp.

 Lets look at Cher’s figure. She has predominantly  Sharp Straight

Now Jacqueline Kennedy/Onassis is predominantly Straight 


                                                                                                                                             Straight Soft definitely The Princess of Wales      

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Finding your body line helps you create a successful image that defines who you are and also helps you achieve social and professional success. How would you describe your body and facial features? You would probably used word such as tall, thin, wide, broad, round, curved or straight- all shapes that can be defined in terms of a straight or a curved line. Diamond, triangular, square and rectangular shapes are created with straight lines; oval, round, heart and pear shapes are created with curved lines. Imagine the shadow of your body projected on a wall by the light shining from behind. You could describe the silhouette outline as straight or curved or as a combination of both. When you look at your body shape from a distance, for example, in a full-length mirror, you may also identify a predominant body shape. (It is best to look at yourself in a leotard and tights so that you see the silhouette of your body and are not distracted by details.) If you are having difficulty in determining your body line, look at the shape of your face. Often the initial line impression is determined by facial shape and features. Take Kelly Osborne for example: no matter what weight she is, working out her body line is all it took to look fabulous.


Now ladies! go away and have a play with your girlfriends and do not forget about the lovely glass of bubbly it all goes to making and having fun while working out your shape.