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Measuring yourself for a bra is an art, not a science


Buying the right size is the first step to transforming your figure. Important, “How do I know what the right size?”  You ask? ‘Well now’ hop over to to the ‘Dressing Room’ and check out the correct way to measure your sexy body…no cheating now. Navigate to “Am I Wearing the Right Size?;” can be found on the homepage, easy stuff.

If you need help go and get:-

One of your girlfriends A bottle of wine of course A tape measure and the most important           Have fun! SlimmingBodyShapers can help you in the privacy of your own home. We all know what it’s like to try on underwear with that pesky shop assistant popping in on you just as you reach that critical moment of half in – half out. What are you waiting for? SlimmingBodyShapers….for all girls, for all sizes, for all the fun women deserves. Smarten up Girls…..and your new underwear is just a click away.

Buying On Line

Mar 14, 2016


Have you done it before?   Is this your first time? Just take a deep breath and in no time you will be Buying online “How do I go about it?” you ask. Well Ladies  SlimmingBodyShapers is here to unravel it for you! Buying online:- a few things that will help the process go smoothly Check out the payment method Check out the payment procedure Shipping Local /International Delivery And most important the Returns Policy All information is on the Website. Have a peek and see how easy it really can be. Slimming Body Shapers will catch up with you next by informing you ‘How To‘ measure yourself and get things right: So you don’t fall out Straps that don’t work too hard and How tight is right? Then you can throw away that tired old bra and those knickers that you dread putting on the washing line. What are you waiting for? Slimming Body shapers ….for all girls, for all sizes, for all the fun a woman deserves.


To help shape our line we need to have the right undergarments to accentuate the right curves and smooth out those unwanted ones. So choosing the right shapers, bras and knickers is all very important for your chosen look, and SlimmingBodyShapers can help you out in that department. Take your time to measure yourself as per the instructions on the website and you will be happy with getting the right results.

No one can turn back the clock but we can however make the best of what we have. As we leave our teenage years and move through the twenties thirties and ensuring decades, we rarely retain the same body shape. As we add weight to our frame, our body line tends to soften, as does our facial shape. As a young movie star, Grace Kelly had soft-straight lines in her face and body. As she matured, Princess Grace of Monaco moved across the graph to a soft-curved line. Think back to your teens or twenties and you may notice a comparable progression for your body along the line graph. Although you may notice a movement from sharp-straight to straight, from soft-straight to soft-curved or from soft-curved to curved, you will not see a movement from one end of the graph to the other. The bone structure and features you were born with, which are part of you, will always be present. Learn to recognise them and make them the foundation of your personal style.