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Bras & Knickers

Bring out the sexy lady within!


Slimming Body Shapers

For that more sculpted look!


Slimming Body Shapers offers a wide range of high quality designer bras, slimming  panties, various plus size body shapers, girdles & corsets. European design and manufacturing have followed the finest tradition of excellent fit, ultra comfort, and superb quality.

We Specialize in Plus Sizes and hard to find sizes.. if on the rare occasion you do not find exactly what you need, our customer service team is here to help.


Slimming Body Shapers

See the garment styles available that will help you look thinner, sculpted and feel more confident.


We carry a range of Plus Size Bras and if you cannot find your size try our Bras made via special order.


From under-bust to hips right down to thighs. Enhance your derriere to assist with that sculpted look.


Slimming Corsets

For that sculpted, sumptuous & stunning look. Corsets slim your waist and lift your breast.

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